LOVE. DRAMA. PASSION. CULTURE and LOTS OF COMEDY pervade this hilarious movie which is produced by the producers of the multiple award-winning 30 DAYS IN ATLANTA.

10 DAYS IN SUN CITY is a feature-length comedy drama and third installment in AY COMEDIAN’S ‘AKPOS’ franchise. Following 30 DAYS IN ATLANTA and A TRIP TO JAMAICA, the third installment sees Akpos on another ‘adventure’, this time, to South Africa, with his girlfriend BIANCA.

Bianca is a campus beauty queen who he (Akpos) has sacrificed his livelihood to make successful. After successfully winning a national beauty pageant, BIANCA, ever loyal to Akpos, is now an international celebrity rolling with society’s ‘high and mighty’. She is, amongst several mouth-watering corporate endorsements, global ambassador to, and the face of multi-national cosmetics conglomerate ‘OTAWI’ which is owned by Nigeria’s richest man, Otunba Ayoola Williams, aka ‘The Old Fox’. (OTAWI is an acronym for Otunba Ayoola Williams… to be played by RMD).

OTAWI is launching a new cosmetics range and as the face of the company, Bianca is to go on a week-long advert campaign shoot in South Africa accompanied by her boyfriend/manager, Akpos. But after meeting Bianca during the conferment ceremony, Otunba, a long term widower, has plans for Bianca, way beyond what Akpos can offer. Bianca represents more than the face of his company, she can fulfill a bigger role in the business as well as in his ‘life’. So Otunba decides to embark on the same journey to South Africa.

Bianca has no idea what lies in stock neither does Akpos. Neither even knows Otunba is in town. But will Akpos give up his love and sweat or will Otunba’s wit and charm as the ‘old fox’ conquer again like he has done, time and again, in the world of business? Otunba has conquered territories, regardless of opposition. Nothing gets in his way. Akpos is a struggling comedian, only his girlfriend’s fame and fortune keeps him afloat.